Beginner Yoga Class Series: The Benefits are Many

Beginner Yoga Class Series- The Benefits are Many


Have you ever thought of taking a yoga class but then felt overwhelmed by questions? Do I need a mat? What do I wear? What is a bolster? How do I use the strap? What was that pose, again? If you said yes to this then you might be the perfect candidate for a beginner yoga series. In these types of classes the studio usually keeps them small so each student can receive more individualized attention and the other students are beginners as well. Pretty soon you don’t feel so overwhelmed but instead you know it is a place of non-judgement and you become a part of the ever-growing yoga family!

Yoga Garden in Saint Cloud will be running a Beginner Yoga Series taught by certified teacher Christine Ashley M.Ed, starting on Sunday October 2nd  1:30-3:00 pm. Space is limited to ten people so that I am able to assist everyone with individualized instruction. It will run every Sunday at the same time for four weeks. Once you complete the series you can expect all those questions to be answered and then some! Here is the run down on what each class will cover:

             First Class: October 2nd 

  • Basic information about yoga, its origins, and benefits
  • The general outline of Hatha Yoga (one type of yoga offered at Yoga Garden)
  • Internal focus and its importance
  • Warm-up poses

              Second Class: October 9th 

  • Sun Salutations
  • Standing poses/Balancing poses
  • Forward bends/Backbends

              Third Class: October 16th 

  • Inversions/Spinal twist
  • Seated poses/Lying down poses
  • Yoga Nidra/Deep Relaxation

               Fourth Class: October 30th

  • Meditation and its importance
  • What is Namaste?
  • Practice class to apply your new knowledge!

If you have read this and you would like more information about the beginner series please contact Christine Ashley M.Ed at the Yoga Garden today to reserve a spot! My phone number is 407-720-9994 or you can visit my website at and like us on Facebook @ouryogagarden to stay current on all of our events! Namaste

2 thoughts on “Beginner Yoga Class Series: The Benefits are Many

    1. Hi! Thank you for contacting me! The August beginner class series is $55. We will meet every Sunday for four weeks at 10 am-11:30. Please let me know if you would like me to reserve mat space for you 🙂


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